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RWBY X OP! Reader V1 Pt. 2
After being all excited about you and Weiss finally meeting each other again, you both started to head towards the amphitheater.
“Jaune does seem like a nice guy, even if he tends to be a bit clumsy at times.” Weiss said as you both turned a corner towards the amphitheater.
“True, but it should only take him a while to fit in just fine, and Ruby too.”
“You really think so?”
“C’mon Weiss, you know I always give people a chance and not hate without a reason.” You said, smiling at her.
Weiss stayed quiet for another minute before wrapping your arms around you fairly tightly.
“Weiss?” You asked.
“Sorry, (y/n)...I’m just so glad to see you again. With my father naming me the successor to the company, I haven’t had any time for friends.”
“No, I’m the one who should be sorry. Moving away from you wasn’t easy to handle. But now that that’s in the past, here’s to now and the f
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RWBY X OP! Reader V1 Pt. 1
You peeked around a bookshelf and watched a Dust robbery that was currently going underway. You groaned at first glimpse, since you knew exactly who was leading this robbery, and it was none other than Roman Torchwick himself.
‘What a prick…’ You thought.
Making the decision to put a stop to it, you walked inside without anyone noticing. You saw your good friend Ruby Rose nearby, and one of the men had noticed her. You were sure she could handle herself, but a part of you said that she needed help.
“Hey, you! What are you doing here?” You turned around to see that another one of Roman’s goons had spotted you too.
“Browsing.” You responded cooly. He pulled out his sword and pointed it at you. You just laughed, loud enough for everyone to hear as they all looked at you.
“What, you think it’s funny?! Just wait till I cut you to pieces, then we’ll see how funny it is!” You didn’t reply. All of a sudden, you rippe
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RWBY X OP! Reader V2 Pt. 1
(Y/n) (L/n) had a pretty messed up life. He was seen as a killer, a murderer, a terrorist. He was also responsible for derailing some of the White Fang's operations, although no one ever saw it that way.
But why?
Well, as of now, he is currently on the run from the VPD, after having killed a large group of humans who were mistreating a small group of Faunus.
Third Person POV
Five minutes earlier…
You were out in Vale, doing your daily run. By “daily run”, you were jumping across buildings and traversing your way across Vale using the quickest and most efficient routes you could find on the go.
You then stopped at the sound of some somewhat unpleasant commotion. You ran over to the source of the commotion, and there was a group of about five people, yelling at a small group of three young Faunuses. Your fists clenched at the sight of this as you approached them. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at you.
“HEY! What’s going on here?” You
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RWBY X OP! Reader V3 Pt. 2
RWBY X OP! Reader V3 Pt. 2
Later, you all arrived at Beacon Academy and you were about to go through your initiation. They took you back to Emerald Forest, only this time, you were positioned at the top of a cliff, standing on a metal plate that was about to launch you any second now…
“Now, remember-”
“Yeah, I already know. Go to the abandoned temple and take a relic from there, and do not hesitate to destroy everything in my path or I’ll die…” You finished for him as you took your usual stance, causing the “tattoos” on your face and arms to appear.
You were then launched into the forest as you used your hands to throw out cyan whips to swing yourself across the forest and launch you higher. You looked down and saw a massive pack of Beowolves, so you took this opportunity to summon several Gaster Blasters to sweep off said Beowolves as you landed on your feet and dusted yourself off.
“Alright, that’s a Beowolf pac
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RWBY X OP! Reader V3 Pt. 1
RWBY X OP! Reader V3 Pt. 1
(y/n)= the reader/you, or rather your first name
(l/n)= your last name
(f/c)=favorite color
(e/c)=eye color
Ok, so, to start this off, battle-wise, you are basically a human version of a combination of Sans and W.D. Gaster from Undertale (Hell, even your nickname is simply Gaster). You have his seven floating skeleton hands, each one having their own different power. Your semblance is Gaster’s Glitchtale special attack called Duality, but with a fully doubled power boost instead. You can also summon Gaster Blasters, summon bones, and teleport like Sans. However, the black holes in your palms, the lines on your face, and the red and blue eyes will only appear if your powers are activated. Otherwise, your eyes are (e/c) and your face and hands look completely normal and human.
You are 15-19 years old. You wear a dark gray turtleneck, black trench coat, black/grey camo cargo pants and black high tops.
Oh, and one more thing: You can also make those
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Plant Heroes X Traitorous!Rustbolt AKA Jake Part 3
PvZ Heroes Plant Heroes X Traitorous & Powerful Rustbolt AKA Jake Part 3
(This is practically an AU, and the headcanon Rustbolt/Jake now has a bit of an addition to him…)
I couldn’t believe they brought my suit here. And to ask even further, HOW?!? There’s no way they could’ve found my suit just like that. I ran outside, to see an entire Zombie army, including Zomboss who was in a Zombot. “Not good…” I muttered to myself as the Plant Heroes followed me.
“Well, well, well. Look who it is. The Plant Heroes, and-wait a minute, WHERE’S THAT TRAITOR?!?” Zomboss yelled. That's when it hit me. Zomboss doesn't know my true identity! Knowing this, I started to relax a little. I pulled out my phone and called Francis.
“Jake! Is that really you?” Francis shouted.
“Yeah, it's me! What the hell is going on?”
“Dude, please tell me you didn’t happen to dance across that Plant base, did you? There’s a
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Not Just a Hero - PvZ Heroes X Andhika Part 5
Not Just a Hero… - PvZ Heroes X Andhika Part 5
As Andhika was about to get into Crazy Dave’s RV, he saw Solar Flare running up to him. “What's up, Solar Flare?”
“Be careful, ok? I don't want to lose someone like you.” Solar Flare said as she jumped into Andhika’s arms, tears streaming down her face as she dug her head under his neck. A sad, heartfelt moment between Solar Flare and Andhika as they both hugged each other.
“And I don't want to have to say goodbye to someone like you.” Andhika whispered as he handed her a picture of Andhika protecting all of Suburbia by holding it in his hands. “It’s an old graffiti project I’d just finished yesterday. Keep it, and never lose it. And I promise you, we’ll see each other again.”
“You ready kid? This is gonna be CRAAZY!” Crazy Dave shouted.
“Yeah, I’m ready.” Andhika said as he entered the RV.
As the RV hovered over t
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Hot, Hotter, Yet Hotter
Hot, Hotter, Yet Hotter - PvZ Heroes X Andhika Part 4
When we arrived at the Plant base, all the Plants were already excited to see me. Sometimes I was never used to having a bunch of fans…
“You gonna show them or not?” Solar Flare asked.
“No thanks, I’m not gonna be a complete show-off.” I told her. She gave me the cute face again. “Sigh...fine.” I activated my smoke form and flew around the sea of Plants. Then as I glided across the ground, smoke and fire whirled around in a circle as I came out of my smoke form and back into my human form. As I entered the Plant base, the door closed behind me and I was greeted by the Plant Heroes.
“Welcome, little one!” Rose welcomed with a smile.
“It’s good to be here, Rose! Feels different, but it’s awesome!” I exclaimed.
The Plant base was huge. It was an enormous treehouse with Crazy Dave’s house sitting on top, and at the bottom were carved pictures of al
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Plant Heroes X Traitorous!Rustbolt AKA Jake Part 2
PvZ Heroes Plant Heroes X Depressed & Traitorous! Jake AKA Rustbolt Part 2
Jake’s POV
As I ran towards the end of the crane at full speed, I felt like I was free. It was so exhilarating, that I didn’t hesitate or even stop. I closed my eyes and…
...I jumped.
Now I was falling. I turned around and looked up at the Plant Heroes, who seemed to be dumbfounded. I turned back around to face the building below me that I was about to land on. And…
I rolled on landing to cushion the impact, somehow not taking any fall damage whatsoever. I turned around, looked up, and felt proud of myself for what I’d done to come to this point. “Looks like I’m choosing my own future.” I said to myself as I walked away.
Then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by Green Shadow, Solar Flare, and Rose. Realizing that I forgot that Rose could teleport, felt like a punch to the gut, and now I had nowhere else to go. Unbelieveable…
“Jeez, can you not do somet
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Plant Heroes X Traitorous Rustbolt AKA Jake
As Rustbolt went on patrol around the perimeter of the Zombie base, he thought back to when he became the Zombie Hero he was. His first day on the job and he did one hell of a job, too, when he took out Green Shadow, Solar Flare, and Spudow, all by himself, back at that junkyard. From that day on, he’d worked for Zomboss for a long time. Then he met Electric Boogaloo, who to this day was his closest friend. They had both been friends for a long time, whether it was about fighting each other in training, playing pranks on each other, or just teaming up and straight up beating the hell out of the Plants.
Then something else came to mind. Why was he working for Zomboss? Why was he fighting for the Zombies? He didn’t really choose to fight for the people that brought almost the entire race of humans to extinction, did he? So...why was he fighting...for the bad guys? He soon realized that what the Zombies had done, wasn’t right, and he felt like confronting Zomboss about i
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Delsin Hellfire AKA Andhika Pawlan Profile/Origin
Code name: Delsin Hellfire
Real name: Andhika Pawlan
Affiliation: Works alone...well, for now
Rank: No rank, just a mid-teenage space pioneer/traveler of some sort
Delsin is a 16 year-old teenage boy and universe traveler from Seattle with powers beyond anyone’s understanding.
A few years ago when he was younger, he’d traveled throughout many of the non-digital, undiscovered ones, until back on his home universe, he was traveling across different planets and galaxies and came across a blast core of some sort that was glowing with red energy. He accidentally absorbed it, and thus he got the powers that he still has to this day, but with the cost of only being able to travel to any already-known universe that anyone would see on any digital screen, these being called digiverses. He’d gone through a few different digiverses and adapted to living life in each one of them, like Undertale, RHG, and PvZ.
When he went home, his parents somehow found out about
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Taking Care of Petty Things
Taking Care of Petty Things - PvZ Heroes X Andhika Part 3
My shoulder still felt a bit sore by the time I got out of the hospital. I walked out the door and all the Plant Heroes were there to see me. They seemed to be relieved that I was ok, and they asked if they could walk home with me. We talked for a while, telling each other different things about our personal lives, until we got home. I walked into my room and flopped onto my bed to try and clear my head. Man, it felt like a long day…
The next morning…
As I was getting dressed for school, I looked at my favorite red and black denim hoodie and it had been torn from Neptuna’s octopet. I admitted to myself I had worn that thing for too long, so this time, I wore a navy/white Geek Hoodie Rider hoodie and rolled up the sleeves. I also wore black jeans and black and white Converses.
When I got to school, I was expecting Bryan to be waiting for me, and sure enough, he was, except it seems like he’d brought some f
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A New Friend? - Solar Flare X Andhika - Part 2
A New Friend? - Solar Flare X Andhika - Part 2
(In case you don’t know what AU this is, I best recommend you read Part 1. Also, I may or may not need to use acronyms for some of the Heroes’ names because some are too long. By the way, sorry about the fact that I may have overused the word “hot”)
I ran over to Solar Flare and knelt by her side. I was already getting worried that she might have died from EB's powerful attack. I held her chest up to my ear. Phew! Thank goodness she was still breathing! I looked around and, oh my god, the entire arcade was in shambles. This may have been a bad day, but at the same time it kinda wasn’t. The arcade was in ruins, Solar Flare almost died (didn’t even get to tell her who I was yet), and one of my favorite arcade games was destroyed. On the bright side however, we beat those Zombie Heroes for now, Solar Flare is still alive to say the least, and surely, the Zombies better start thinking twice about tryi
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Two Birds of A (Red) Feather
Two Birds of A (Red) Feather - Undertale: Red X Andhika
After I’d explored that one extremely hot place literally named Hotland which was behind Alphy's lab, I had also met the two, almost twin-like Royal Guards, whom I had shown mercy towards. They’d gone off to get some Nice Cream together and I thought that was kinda funny, considering they were acting like little children. Ah man, I remember back on the Surface, when kids were constantly horseplaying on the bus ride (yes, I still go to high school, or used to anyway). I’d just walked past the MTT Resort, which I found was quite a sight to be held.
I look back at my previous experiences here at the Underground, and the first thing that came to mind was the hilarious, ketchup-drinking, pun-loving skeleton named Sans and his spaghetti-loving, pun-hating, pre-Royal Guard brother, Papyrus. I personally thought of Sans as the best friend to have, since he likes pranks and puns and all, especially when he pulled the loos
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A New Friend? - Solar Flare X Andhika (OC)
A "Hot" Friend? - Solar Flare X Andhika (Me as my OC) Part 1
AU: Humans are still alive in this story and both humans and plants co-exist and live together, yet the Zombies remain the same
It’s been a month since Zomboss’s Hero Tron robot exploded, starting what I’ve heard people call the “lawn of a new battle.” Every day when I go to school, I see some of the Plant Heroes bounding around town, some just doing some everyday things, all when there aren’t any zombies around.
My name is Andhika. I’m only 16, still in high school, I wear glasses, have one hell of a temper, and to just about everyone, I may look like your average teenager who’s addicted to video games or whatever. But that’s not all, as there is more to it than what meets the eye. I only look completely normal, until I see or hear any trouble nearby. That’s when I’m not so normal anymore. You see, these Plant Heroes may have superpowers and all, to protect us
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Is there a hole in my desk? by AKAndhiKA Is there a hole in my desk? :iconakandhika:AKAndhiKA 3 5


Happy Birthday Gundam by Kay-Jay97 Happy Birthday Gundam :iconkay-jay97:Kay-Jay97 495 27
DRxM!R!:Ch.1,Part4-The Ninja and The Gamer
(A/N: Okay, since there weren't enough votes and I really want to start the harem, I am going to add the one vote that I got. Enjoy!)
(Note: I do not own Dangan Ronpa or its characters. This is a fanfiction made for fun.)

Dangan Ronpa x Male Reader Ch. 1, Part 4 - The Ninja and The Gamer
(Y/N) P.O.V.:
Right now me and the rest of Class 77-B are waiting for Yukizome-sensei to get to class. And so far, we were all bored out of our minds.
Akane: This is so boring! I could be practicing right now, but instead I have to be in here.
Nekomaru: Well, if you want to practice why don't we have a realistic combat situation?
(Y/N): Like a real fight?
Nekomaru: Exactly.
Akane: Hell yeah!
P.E. Teacher: Now, now just calm down. If we wait a little while longer, I bet Miss Yukizome will be here.
(Y/N): Oh, let them fight. Besides I could use some practice as well.
Nekomaru: So, your going to join, too?
(Y/N): Owari-san wants training, why not I be the speed and you be the strength.
Nekomaru: I
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DRxM!R!:Ch.1,Part1-Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy!
(A/N: Hello, DeviantArt!! This is my first ever fanfiction so if you have any feedback give me it. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad just anything to perfect this fan-fiction thing. Also, Chapter 1 will be following the Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc. This will also be a harem. Hope you like it!!)
(Note: I do not own Dangan Ronpa or its characters. This is a fanfiction made for fun. Enjoy)
Dangan Ronpa x Male! Reader!: Ch. 1, Part 1 - Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy!
(Y/N) P.O.V.:
I've been going to this school for two months now. This is a school where students with "ultimate" abilities go. I am one of those students. My name is (Y/N) (L/N) or the Super High School Level Ninja. I earned that title after my master died a few years ago, it is a bit boring without having him around, but I'm glad I got his title so I can make sure his legacy lives on. I was heading to the place I normally head to, the cherry blossom behind the school. On my way there I was receiving some stra
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 20 12
Designed Future - Ibuki Mioda x M!U!R!
(A/N: Alright. This was a request by superedx. Now, I don't know that much about Ibuki so I hope this goes well. Please tell me if I made Ibuki too OoC or if this is OK. Anyway, to the request.)
(Note: I do not own Dangan Ronpa or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

Designed Future - Ibuki Mioda x Male! Ultimate! Reader!
3rd Person P.O.V.:
It was almost halfway through Class 77-B's first year at Hope's Peak Academy. Ibuki, Hiyoko, Mikan, and Mahiru were all walking the halls of Hope's Peak together. Today was a Saturday and they were just walking around trying to find something to do.
Hiyoko: There's nothing to do around here! Let's go to town! At least there we can look at new things!
Mahiru: Let's walk around a little more and then we can head to the town.
Ibuki: Ibuki's going to the music room! *runs off*
Mikan: I-Ibuki! W-Wait for us!
Ibuki was running down the halls with her arms outstretched like a plane. She turned the corner and accidentally ran
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Iron Bird by Stratozpherez Iron Bird :iconstratozpherez:Stratozpherez 221 24 complet buster sword re-done by McDraw complet buster sword re-done :iconmcdraw:McDraw 137 41 New Hyperion by Stratozpherez New Hyperion :iconstratozpherez:Stratozpherez 269 22 Yoyo vs Chuck by Hyun1990 Yoyo vs Chuck :iconhyun1990:Hyun1990 157 79 Celestia Ludenberg by ardenlolo09 Celestia Ludenberg :iconardenlolo09:ardenlolo09 102 8 Burnt Offerings [SNEAK PEAK - Oxob] by Tentionmaru Burnt Offerings [SNEAK PEAK - Oxob] :icontentionmaru:Tentionmaru 83 65
Hunting A Hellhound - Kyoko x M!R!
(A/N: Alright, so I got a request by WolfyFurry to make this. He/She requested this before I made the request sheet. Sorry, ShadeTheHedgehog for not making yours. I know you requested a Kyoko x Male Reader but Wolfy requested it first. Anyway, here ya go, Wolfy.)
(Note: I do not own Dangan Ronpa or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

Hunting A Hellhound - Kyoko x Male Reader
3rd Person P.O.V.:
All of Class 78 was sitting in their homeroom talking to one another. After a couple more minutes, the homeroom teacher walked in and everyone took their seats.
Teacher: Alright, everyone. Before we begin class, I would like to make a little announcement. We are going to be getting a new student. *Class 78 mumbles* Settle down. *silence* Now, I must ask that you all treat him like a normal kid. Thanks to his past, he didn't get to go to school during his childhood. *Class 78 nods* Thank you. You can come in now.
The door opened and all of the class looked towards
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 18 7
Your Special Someones - Junko x M!R! x Mukuro
(A/N: So, I just had this little idea for a one-shot that I would like to try. I've never made a one-shot before so I want you all to tell me how it is. Thank you for any advice.)
(Note: I do not own Dangan Ronpa or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)
(Side Note: Junko is not the Ultimate Despair so the tragedy never happens. She goes by the title Ultimate Fashionista and sees Mukuro as an equal. Junko might be a little OoC, too. Please don't hate me. Also, I don't ship, I'm just going off ships that I've seen.)

Your Special Someones - Junko x Male Reader x Mukuro
3rd Person P.O.V.:
Today was Friday and it was lunchtime right now in Hope's Peak Academy. Everyone was in the cafeteria except for one person. That person's name is (Y/N) (L/N) of Class 77-B. He was sitting in the school library, staring out the window, thinking about his title. His title is something that he enjoys doing but it made a little hole in his heart. (Y/N) is known around Hope's Peak
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 22 11
Sayaka Maizono x Male Reader - Music Lovers Pt.1
Back with another reader insert, HECK YEAH!!
It was another regular day at school as you and the rest of your classmates are getting ready for class. Once the teacher came in, you all got to your seat and payed full attention to the front.
Teacher: Before we get day's class started, I would like to make an important announcement. "Everyone starts to talking to each other" Settle down people, settle down. "They all stopped talking" We have a new addition to our class today and she is a transfer student from another school. "Looks to the entrance" You can come in now dear.
After hearing that, the new girl came in and Oos and Awes start to fill up the room. This girl had long dark blue hair, some several hair clips in her hair, and has dark blue eyes. When the room became too noisy, the teacher told everyone to settle down again and the room became silent once more.
Teacher: Would you like to introd
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 33 3
 Makoto's POV
 I took in a deep breathe, 12 students stood in the courtroom, 3 portraits around the room, soon to be 4 after this. Everyone was on edge, another murder, another killer. "Let's start with the basics..." I finally said, "Asahina's body was discovered in the library, cause of death was multiple stab wounds." I stated. "We already know that dumbass." Leon said crossing his arms. "No need to be so harsh." I groaned. "Am I the only one who noticed something off about the bookshelves?" Chihiro asked. "Those dusty old things, man those things are Jurassic." Mondo said.
 "THAT'S RIGHT!" I yelled. "Huh?" Mondo asked. "The library is rather dusty, but the one behind Hina had been scrubbed clean." I stated. "It is quite strange for a book shelf to be scrubbed is it not?" Celeste asked twirling a piece of her hair. "S-so the killers a n-neat freak or something?" Toko questioned biting her thumb. "THAT'S WRONG! The culprit was washing off the blood to hide the evidence
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[Render] AoiAsahinaXKyoukoKirigiri (DanganRonpa3) by ArslinceYuzuriha [Render] AoiAsahinaXKyoukoKirigiri (DanganRonpa3) :iconarslinceyuzuriha:ArslinceYuzuriha 23 0
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 4
Sorry for making you all wait! But here is part 4! :D
Officer: Now I'm gonna ask you one more time kid... Who was your accomplice, and where did she go?!
(y/n): I told you I don't know!... And if I did know... I still wouldn't tell you!
Officer: That's it!
The Officer, along with another started beating the shit out of you... And that was the routine for some time...
Officer: Here's your slop.
You looked at the tray of slop you were given through the gate.
Officer #2: Better eat it slow... You only get that slop once a day.
The two officers laughed as they walked away...
Mercury: Emerald?
Emerald: Wha?!
Emerald jumped up from the bed.
Mercury: Haha, looks like I scared you.
He smiled with joy.  Emerald however wanted to punch him.
Emerald: Leave me alone Mercury.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 48 109



After being all excited about you and Weiss finally meeting each other again, you both started to head towards the amphitheater.

“Jaune does seem like a nice guy, even if he tends to be a bit clumsy at times.” Weiss said as you both turned a corner towards the amphitheater.

“True, but it should only take him a while to fit in just fine, and Ruby too.”

“You really think so?”

“C’mon Weiss, you know I always give people a chance and not hate without a reason.” You said, smiling at her.

Weiss stayed quiet for another minute before wrapping your arms around you fairly tightly.

“Weiss?” You asked.

“Sorry, (y/n)...I’m just so glad to see you again. With my father naming me the successor to the company, I haven’t had any time for friends.”

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry. Moving away from you wasn’t easy to handle. But now that that’s in the past, here’s to now and the future.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Who knows, maybe we’ll be in the same classes together…” Weiss said as you both entered the amphitheater.

Later on, after Ozpin made his speech, you proceeded to set down your sleeping bag and take a shower. When you were finished, you dried yourself off with a towel and reached for your fresh set of pajamas, only to realize they were gone.

‘Really?! God, that trick is so old…’ You thought as you spotted a group of four guys, whom your gut told you they were nothing but a bunch of bullies.

Thinking fast, you got an idea as you aimed at a nearby power box and drained it as the entire locker room plunged into pitch black darkness. Despite not being a Faunus, your eyes started glowing electric blue as you adjusted your enhanced night vision to the now pitch black locker room as you found your clothes and dressed up in your pajamas, which were just a simple white shirt with blue flannel pants. Once you were finished, you walked over to the power box and placed an electrified hand on it, charging it back up as you smirked at the bullies.

The bullies looked around until their eyes landed on you as they stared at you in disbelief before their stares turned into glares. You flashed your electric blue eyes again, and they immediately ran off in fear.

You then left and opened your locker, grabbed your yo-yo, then went to your sleeping bag and started to do some tricks.

You got a few minutes into it, before you heard some commotion nearby and saw Ruby, Yang, Weiss, and some amber-eyed girl with a black bow. Apparently the commotion was some sort of argument between Ruby and Yang against Weiss. You put away your yo-yo in your locker before walking in their direction to see what was going on.

“What’s going on here?” You asked with a stern tone as you glanced at Ruby and Weiss.

“Oh, hey (Y/n)! Sorry, I was just telling her to keep it down, since some of us are trying to sleep here.” Weiss said, going back to her normal, happy attitude.

“Uh-huh, and I assume that right before I walked over here, you were also holding a stern, bossy attitude towards Ruby and Yang ever since we arrived here, weren’t you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Wha-bossy?! I was just trying to get their minds straight!” Weiss protested.

“Hey, don’t think I didn’t hear you ask Ruby if she was too young to attend this school, either. We both know she has every right to be here, just as much as you do. Same goes for me and everyone else you see around here.”

As much as you hated having to say all of that to your childhood friend, you still had to put her in her place. And now, you were bracing yourself and expecting her to throw some harsh words at you or ask where you got the nerve to speak to her like this...

“I...never thought of it that way.”, was all Weiss could say.

“Now, as much as it sort of pains me to ask you this, but could you please just leave them alone for now? I’ll deal with them, don’t worry.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips.

Weiss thought it through for a moment before returning the smile. “Okay. Thank you, (Y/n). Have a good night.” She said as she left. You then turned to the girls as they waved at you.

“Hey (Y/n), thanks for saving us from her.” Ruby said sheepishly.

“No problem. She may be a bit difficult, but I assure you, that icy shell of hers will soon start to melt away as you’ll all get to know each other better.” You said.

“Are you sure about that?” Yang asked. “She was already being all bossy back in the amphitheater…”

“Oh, I’m definitely sure about that.” You then whispered, in case Weiss was still nearby. “Besides, she’s my childhood friend; she’s bound to change that bossy attitude of hers whenever I’m around.”

“Oooooh, sounds like you have a crush on her!~” Yang said, causing you to blush.

“Would you knock it off? She’s just a friend.” You said.

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll be more than just a friend soon enough…” Yang teased. You only rolled your eyes in response.

“I’m never gonna hear the end of this, am I?” You asked yourself. Ruby only shrugged while Yang was flashing smiles at you. You then saw the amber-eyed girl from earlier, sitting next to a candelabra and reading a book. “Hey, I don’t believe I caught your name earlier?”

She looked up and seemed to study your face for a moment before introducing herself. “It’s Blake. Blake Belladonna. And you are...?”

“(Y/n) (L/n), pleasure to meet you, Blake.” You said as you held out your hand for a handshake. Much to Ruby and Yang’s surprise, she actually shook it as you smiled.

“Likewise.” She responded with a genuine smile. You then noticed the book she was reading.

“Good choice.”

“Hm?” She looked up, curious at what you meant by that.

“Your book, I’ve read that before. A man with two souls fighting for control over the man’s body, I presume?” You asked.

“Oh, yeah. Thanks, I just picked it up from a bookstore before coming to Beacon.” She responded.

“And I couldn’t even get a handshake out of her…” You heard Yang whispering to Ruby.

“Well, I’m gonna go hit the hay. Good night.” You said to Blake.

“You too.” She responded as you went to your sleeping bag. You laid down on your sleeping bag as you stared up at the ceiling and closed your eyes. Tomorrow was gonna be a big day. The day of the initiation. Your ticket into Beacon…

The next morning…

“Wake up, lazybutts!”

You woke up with a yawn as you rubbed your eyes to clear your vision as you looked towards the sound to see an excited-looking, ginger haired girl, who was waking up a guy with long black hair, a strand of it dyed pink.

You got up and got dressed into your normal attire as you went to the restroom to wash your face, brush your teeth, then go to eat breakfast. All while the ginger haired girl was constantly talking to the guy with long hair, who was also doing the same morning routine.

“Jeez, I honestly feel kinda bad for that guy…” You whispered to yourself as you got your yo-yo out of your locker. You then stepped outside and went to Beacon Cliff, which overlooked the Emerald Forest, where you saw students stepping onto metal pads.

“Oh boy…” You said with a look of concern directed towards Jaune.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing dude, forget it.” You chuckled as you went to the left to find an unoccupied pad. You already knew students were gonna be in teams of four, but you felt your stomach drop the second you realized there were an odd number of students. You shrug it off and hoped you would find someone to partner up with.

While readying for the launch, you watched the other students get launched into the forest and to your right, you saw Jaune trying to ask Ozpin a question, probably about how you were going into the forest.

You were also thinking about asking him about the odd number of students, but you decided against it and shrug that off as well, as you took your stance and got launched into the forest.

Sailing through the air, you flew over the treetops and with the aid of static electricity discharging from your fingers, used Static Thrusters to slow your descent and glide across the forest as you landed smoothly on a branch, halfway to the ruins that Ozpin mentioned. He also said that once you landed in the forest, the first person you made eye contact with would be your partner for the next four years. You jumped off of the branch and made your way to the ruins, until you came across a pack of Beowolves. Blue electricity zipped and crackled all over your arms as a smile grew on your face.

“This is gonna be fun…”

You shot lightning bolts of unparalleled damage called Magnum Bolts at the Beowolves coming in from the sides. A Beowolf lunged at you from behind, but you backflipped high into the air as you threw a swirling ball of caged kinetic energy, called a Detonation Blast, at said Beowolf. It stuck to the Beowolf’s head as you ran up and jumped on it, your feet landing on the Detonation Blast as you jumped again, this time harnessing the energy as it exploded with incredible force, killing the Beowolf instantly and launching yourself high into the air at the same time.

Being a thousand feet above the forest, you collected and charged up a massive load of kinetic, electric energy in your hand as you plummeted towards the ground and unleashed a Thunder Drop, causing an explosion that could be heard for miles.


“Who is that boy?!” Professor Goodwitch exclaimed, watching as you performed your Thunder Drop. “How does he even utilize that electricity semblance of his, like that? That, I’ll need to decipher someday…”

They both watched you use your yo-yo to swing across the trees, while also using it to explode some Grimm along the way.

“He does possess some immense skill after all…” Ozpin chuckled.

“There’s something else I am curious about. How did his parents die?” Goodwitch asked, slightly shocked.

“He lived a bit of a rough life, due to the fact that his parents were killed by some unknown attackers on the day of his graduation from Signal Academy.” Ozpin explained, the part about his parents’ death, painting a look of full-fledged, pure shock on Goodwitch’s face.

Back to you…

You swung your yo-yo around, slicing and decapitating more Beowolves and Ursas along the way as you pressed on.

Your eyes flashed electric blue as more Grimm were starting to get in your way, so you resorted to throwing out an electrified tornado, called an Ionic Vortex, to take out all the Grimm around you for instant crowd control.

When you got to the ruins, you found Jaune, Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, and some other people whom you didn’t really recognize, including the ginger haired girl and the boy with a pink strand of hair, whom they introduced themselves as Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren.

“Oh, hey (y/n)! Good timing, we could really use some help.” Ruby said as you looked over to see a Death Stalker, a Nevermore…

...and Weiss falling from the sky. If anything, this was merely nothing you couldn’t handle going through, throughout this initiation. You were going catch her, but Jaune beat you to it. Well, sort of. Jaune fell to the ground before Weiss as the latter just so happened to land on his back casually.

“My hero.” She scowled.

“My back...” He groaned.

“Real smooth, Jaune.” You said as a girl with crimson hair and bronze armor got flung by the Death Stalker and landed in front of you.

“You alright?” You asked as you helped her up.

“Yes, thank you for asking…?”

“(Y/n) (L/n). And you are…?”

“Pyrrha Nikos. Pleasure to meet you.” She said as she smiled. Little did you know she was surprised that you didn’t really know her.

“Great, the gang’s all here! Now we can die together!” Yang said.

“Sarcasm duly noted.” You replied.

“Not if I can help it.” Ruby said as she pulled out her scythe and started charging the Death Stalker.

“No, wait! Bad idea!” You yelled. She didn’t stop to hear what you said as she shot her scythe backwards to give her a boost. She was gonna bring her scythe down on the Death Stalker, but it immediately knocked her back with its right claw.

“D-d-don’t worry! Totally fine!” Ruby shouted to everyone behind her as she got up. She then remembered the Death Stalker and shot it before folding her scythe and breaking into a run.

“Ruby!” Yang yelled as she ran to go help Ruby. Unfortunately, Ruby’s cape got pinned to the ground by a Nevermore’s feather before she even got halfway. The Death Stalker soon reached her and was about to bring its stinger down on Ruby.

There was no way in hell you were gonna just stand there and watch her get killed. You zoomed past everyone else and used Kinetic Pulse to lift up several of the Nevermore’s feathers as you shot them at the Death Stalker, killing it upon impalement and explosion, while saving Ruby in the meantime. Weiss stood behind you, bewildered by the sight of your semblance.

“Jeez Ruby, think before you strike, okay?” You said.

“Sorry!” She said in response as Weiss then walked up to you.

“I think you have some explaining to do, about your semblance.” Weiss said, raising an eyebrow at you.

You only chuckled in response. “Yeah, I guess I do, but now’s not the time. We better get moving and catch up with everyone else.”

You and Weiss took off after the others, until you stopped when you spotted something small and shiny on top of the ruins.

“Something wrong, (y/n)?” Jaune asked. You ignored his question and jumped on top of the ruins to find a chess piece that stuck out like a sore thumb from the other chess pieces. You picked it up and realized that it was a silver knight piece. You wondered why and how Ozpin would put a silver knight on top of the ruins.

‘Weird. Did Ozpin know I was gonna be the odd man out?’ You thought, a hint of worry in you as you remembered that normal circumstances stated that anyone who didn’t get a partner would be expelled. You decided to leave that question for later as you pushed on with everyone else into the forest, following the Nevermore.

You all ran out of the forest and into a deeper and bigger part of the ruins. You saw the Nevermore land on top of a destroyed stone tower as you prepared to assault it with your yo-yo.

Suddenly, another Death Stalker bursted out of the forest.

“Are you kidding me?! Another one?!” You exclaimed.

“Oh man, run!” Jaune yelled as everyone did so, except for you, Blake, Nora, and Ren, who stayed behind to try and hold off the Death Stalker. You decided to move on to the big guns as you yelled at the others.

“You guys go help the others, I got this!” You shouted as they looked at you with slight worry on their faces before running off. As soon as the area around you was clear of the others, you fired several single masses of focused electric energy called Megawatt Hammers at the Death Stalker, knocking it back as the last one sent it flying into some pillars, causing more damage to it as you took off in the opposite direction.

The Nevermore spotted you before you could get to cover, and it suddenly let loose another feather storm. You used a kinetic shockwave called Alpha Blast to push away the feathers as everyone then advanced through the ruins. As you and everyone else ran across a stone bridge, the Nevermore suddenly swooped in and crashed into the stone bridge, cutting off you, Blake, Pyrrha, and Ren from the others as you all tended to fighting off the Death Stalker once again.

You then heard an explosion as you turned around and saw Jaune and Nora flying over the gap and onto your side of the bridge as the latter smashed the Death Stalker with her hammer. She then jumped back to avoid the overgrown scorpion’s stinger, only to bump into you and Blake, causing the two of you to fly off the bridge. You and Blake both used your weapons to grapple onto the bridge as you both swung under it. You landed safely on the other side of the bridge, while Blake landed on the Nevermore and slashed its back with her bladed sheath. She jumped off of the Nevermore and landed next to you.

“It’s tougher than it looks!” Blake said.

“Yeah, no kidding!” You replied.

“Then let’s hit it with everything we’ve got!” Yang said as the five of you prepared your weapons and opened fire. Despite the damage you were all inflicting on the Nevermore, it continued to fly in your direction as it crashed into the stone structure you were all on. As the destroyed structure began to crumble and fall, you threw your yo-yo and grappled your way onto another stone bridge.

“None of this is working.” Weiss grumbled. Meanwhile, Blake swung over to another stone bridge, while Yang was on top of a stone pillar, shooting the Nevermore with shotgun blasts. You looked behind you to see that Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren had successfully dealt with the Death Stalker.

“I got an idea! Cover me!” Ruby said to Weiss as they both proceeded to go with whatever plan Ruby had in mind. Then the Nevermore proceeded to fly in Yang’s direction, and with perfect timing, jumped into the Nevermore’s mouth as she held its jaws open and unloaded her Ember Celica into its mouth. She then backflipped out of the Nevermore’s mouth as the Nevermore crashed into the cliffside and sat perched on the ruins.

Then Weiss dashed forward as she jumped up and prepared to use the Ice Dust from her rapier to prevent the Nevermore from taking flight again. Unfortunately the Nevermore just managed to get out of range. Seeing what plan Ruby was getting at, you gathered a ball of ionic energy in your hands as it charged up, causing everyone to look in your direction.

Suddenly, you spun around with a war cry as you discharged a Ionic Vortex in the Nevermore’s direction, sucking it in as the Nevermore was sent back onto the cliffside.

“Whatever plan you all have in mind, do it quick, because the vortex won’t last long!” You yelled.

Yang and Blake used two pillars and latter’s weapon to create a slingshot as Ruby clung onto it with her weapon, with Weiss using a glyph to pull Ruby back.

“Think you can make the shot?” Ruby asked Weiss.

“Hmph, can I?” Weiss scowled, a look of confusion crossing Ruby’s face.

“Can you-?”

“Of course I can!” Weiss cut her off as Ruby loaded her Crescent Rose. Weiss’s glyph then turned red as Weiss launched her, with the added power of a gunshot from Ruby’s scythe. Just as your Ionic Vortex dissipated, Ruby caught the Nevermore in her scythe by the neck as she set foot on the cliffside, where Weiss summoned more glyphs leading to the top.

Using said glyphs, Ruby dashed up to the top, letting out a rising war cry as she dragged the Nevermore with her. Reaching the top, she shot her scythe, the recoil slicing the Nevermore’s head clean off as she landed on the top of the cliff, her red cape floating in the wind.

“Well...that was a thing…” Yang said.

“Way to go, Ruby!” You yelled.


“Russel Crutch, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, Sky Lark. The four of you retrieved the black bishop pieces. From this day forward you will work together as...Team CDRL. Led by... Cardin Winchester.”

“Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie. The four of you retrieved the white rook pieces. From this day forward you will work together as...Team JNPR. Led by...Jaune Arc.”

“Huh? L-lead by?” Jaune asked as Pyrrha gave him a proud look.

“Congratulations, young man.” Ozpin said as Pyrrha gave him a playful punch on the shoulder, knocking him over and causing some laughter within the crowd.

“Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long. The four of you collected the white knight pieces. From this day forward you will work together as...Team RWBY. Led by Ruby Rose.” Ozpin said as a look of surprise found its way onto Ruby’s face.

“I’m so proud of you!” Yang exclaimed as she hugged her sister.

After the teams were formed, Ozpin called you up to the stage. And of course, you were nervous as hell about what Ozpin was gonna say.

“And finally, (Y/n) (L/n)...under normal circumstances, you would’ve been expelled, due to not finding a partner. But your performance...well, calling it impressive would be quite an understatement…” He said as video footage popped up on the big screen, showing you kill a crazy amount of Grimm as if they were all no big deal.

The entire amphitheater had gone into shock as everyone watched.

“Whoa, did you see that?!”

“He took out those Grimm like no big deal!”

“He can create tornadoes?!? Who is this kid?!?”

“What kind of weapon is that?!”

You couldn’t help but chuckle at all the reactions you were hearing as the big screen showed various clips of your performance in the Emerald Forest.

“Due to that outstanding performance of yours in the Emerald Forest, I’m more than glad to make an exception. (Y/n) (L/n), you have retrieved the one and only silver knight piece. From this day forth, I will bestow upon you, the temporary honor of being Beacon’s very first one-man team.” A big smile grew on your face as the crowd erupted into applause. “This is going to be an...interesting year.”

Out of the corner of your eye did you spot Weiss giving you a big smile and a thumbs up.

After the ceremony was finished, you were given your uniform, scroll, and the keys to your dorm by Professor Ozpin. On your way to your dorm, teams RWBY and JNPR were talking and asking questions left and right.

“What was that semblance you were just using?! That was incredible!” Weiss exclaimed.

“That, my friend...was the power of electrokinesis. Or rather a more advanced form of it. It allows me to utilize electricity in quite a wide variety of different ways, including the ability to create an electrified tornado, which is what you just saw me use on that Nevermore.” You explained.

“What about that weapon of yours?” Blake asked.

“This?” You pulled out your yo-yo as you “walked the dog” on your way to the dorm.

“This is a custom-made yo-yo that I built back in Signal Academy. It can spin at insane speeds and also stores unlimited explosive energy inside of it, but added momentum can add more damage to it.” You explained, getting some awed reactions.

When you got to your dorm and crashed on your bed, your mind was spinning. You were absolutely thrilled that Ozpin let you in anyway, despite not finding a partner.

‘I can’t believe it...I made it in!’ You thought as you then remembered something that you said earlier to Weiss.

“Here’s to now and the future…”
RWBY X OP! Reader V1 Pt. 2
...aaannnnnnd, here's Pt. 2! Hope you enjoyed it!

Also, in case you're wondering and know what inFAMOUS 2 is, yes, the reader's semblance is basically (spoiler alert!) the protagonist's powers.

RWBY belongs to Monty Oum (RIP Monty, as always...) and inFAMOUS 2 belongs to Sucker Punch Productions.
You peeked around a bookshelf and watched a Dust robbery that was currently going underway. You groaned at first glimpse, since you knew exactly who was leading this robbery, and it was none other than Roman Torchwick himself.

‘What a prick…’ You thought.

Making the decision to put a stop to it, you walked inside without anyone noticing. You saw your good friend Ruby Rose nearby, and one of the men had noticed her. You were sure she could handle herself, but a part of you said that she needed help.

“Hey, you! What are you doing here?” You turned around to see that another one of Roman’s goons had spotted you too.

“Browsing.” You responded cooly. He pulled out his sword and pointed it at you. You just laughed, loud enough for everyone to hear as they all looked at you.

“What, you think it’s funny?! Just wait till I cut you to pieces, then we’ll see how funny it is!” You didn’t reply. All of a sudden, you ripped his sword out of his hand and impaled him with it as you threw him out the window.

“Let’s see how dangerous you guys really are…” You said as you walked out to see Ruby having knocked another guy out the window. You both stood side by side as Ruby unfolded her scythe and your arms crackled with blue electricity.

“Okay...get them!” Roman said as they all charged at you and Ruby.

While Ruby dealt with one half of Roman’s goons, you were beating the hell out of the other half of them. You ran up the wall and jumped off of it, knocking out one of them with a mid-air kick. You then punched another guy with your electrified right hand, then your left hand, followed by a mid-air roundhouse kick to the head.

You immediately dashed at a breakneck speed and cannonballed into another goon. You continued your assault on the goons through electricity-enhanced hand-to-hand combat. Once you finished off the last guy, Roman Torchwick walked out, seeming somewhat nonchalant.

“You were worth every cent. Truly, you were.” He said, looking down at the guy you had just knocked out in front of him. “Well, Red and Blue, I think we can all say it’s been an eventful evening, and as much as I’d love to stick around...I’m afraid this is where we part ways.” He continued as he pointed his cane at you, causing a reticle to pop up from the base of the cane as he shot a flare at you and Ruby, which you both dodged. You quickly looked back, only to find Roman gone. You and Ruby turned around to see Roman climbing a ladder on a nearby building.

“You okay if we go after him?” Ruby asked as the shop owner nodded. You pulled out your yo-yo and threw it on top of the building to pull yourself up, while Ruby shot the ground to give her a boost.

“Hey!” She shouted.

“Persistent…” Roman muttered, just as an airship rose above the building. A bright light shone at you and Ruby as Roman climbed onto the airship as he pulled out a red Dust crystal.

“End of the line, kids!” Roman shouted as he threw the crystal at your feet. You knew what was going to happen, so you were ready to block the flare that Roman shot at you before it could even hit the crystal…

...until a platinum blonde-haired Huntress came in and beat you to it by blocking it with a glyph. “Hey, I was gonna block that!” You shouted.

She didn’t reply; instead she swung her riding crop, which released a spiraling swarm of glowing purple projectiles that hit the airship. Roman immediately went to the front of the airship, while the Huntress fired a purple flare, causing a thunderstorm to appear above the airship as she rained down a ton of icy shards on the airship. Then you saw a woman with a red dress and amber eyes at the side of the airship as she fired a fireball at you, which you simply countered with an electric rocket.

Suddenly a bright orange light appeared beneath your feet as you jumped out of the way of the explosion. The Huntress used what appeared to be her semblance to form the shattered fragments of the explosion into a massive jagged missile as she launched it at the airship. The amber-eyed woman shot several fire blasts at it, thus cancelling out both attacks. The Huntress reused the missile and launched it again. This time, Roman tilted the airship to deflect the missile. The Huntress then split the fragments and prepared to attack the airship from multiple directions, until the woman on the airship unleashed an explosion, disintegrating the fragments into ashes.

Ruby folded her scythe and started shooting at the woman, who somehow blocked the shots with her bare hand. She summoned several bright lights under your feet, causing more explosions after avoiding them as the airship took this opportunity to escape. Silence took over the scene for a brief moment before Ruby broke said silence.

“You’re a Huntress!” Ruby exclaimed. “Can I have your autograph?”


“I hope you realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly, young lady. Same goes for you.” She said, turning to you. “You both put yourself and others in great danger.”

“They started it!” Ruby protested.

“I second that. Besides, calling for help would be a waste of time, so what were we supposed to do? Just let them escape with a whole load of Dust?”

“If it were up to me, you’d be sent home. With a pat on the back…” Ruby perked up at this. “...and a slap on the wrist.” She finished with a stern tone as she flicked her riding crop on the table.


“But, there is someone here who would like to meet you. Both of you.” She said, calming down. Then, someone else with white hair and glasses walked in, whom you immediately recognized as Professor Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon Academy.

“Ruby Rose. You...have silver eyes.” He said.


“So...where did you learn to do this?” Ozpin asked as the Huntress known as Professor Goodwitch showed her a recording of her fighting Roman’s men from earlier.

“Signal Academy.” She replied.

“They taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?” Ozpin asked.

“Well, one teacher in particular.” She replied.

“I see…” He passed the plate of cookies to her. She ate one, then in the next second started wolfing them down. You chuckled at the sight of this.

“And you.” Ozpin said, turning to you. “Where did you learn to do that?” He asked as Goodwitch showed a recording of you using electricity to add more strength and power to your close combat attacks with the goons. It then switched to you firing an electric rocket to counter a fireball.

“Same. Signal Academy.”

“I take it you two know each other?”

“Yep. Well, only for around three years.”


You were an only child in your family. A child at the age of 13, to be specific. Your father worked in the Schnee Dust Company, so at times, they would take you there to have a look around. Basically a Take Your Child to Work Day of sorts. You did nothing but look and walk around the hallways as you twirled around your yo-yo, being careful not to break anything.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” You turned around to see a girl around your age with beautiful snow white hair with an offset pony-tail and icy blue eyes. Your eyes slightly widened at the sight, but you quickly regained yourself, since you didn’t want to be awkward around her.

Not to mention her parents were right behind her.

“I-I’m just looking around.” You said.

“You like the place, don’t you?” Her father asked.

“Well, yeah. Very fancy if you ask me, Mr. Schnee.”

“What’s your name?” The girl asked.

“(Y/n) (L/n).” You responded.

“Weiss Schnee. Nice to meet you.” She said as you both shook hands.

“(Y/n)! Where are you? We’re leaving!” You heard your dad shouting.

“Oops, gotta go, dad’s calling me!” You said as you ran off. As you went with your parents back home, you couldn’t help but think about that girl. You sighed happily on the ride home.

A few days later, your father told you that you and your parents were to be invited over for dinner by Mr. Schnee. It was rather entertaining, as you and Weiss went to a separate room to get to know each other more. Over time, the two of you grew even closer as you grew up.

Sadly, it didn’t last long. The next year, you and your family had to move away to Patch, due to your father getting fired from his job. You and Weiss were both heartbroken, but you promised you’d see her again; you told her she would just have to be patient. Long story short, you were her long lost friend.

You and your family moved to Patch, and your parents enrolled you to combat school in Signal Academy for the next three years, which was where you met Ruby, Yang, Taiyang, and Qrow. You specialized in close combat, unlocked your aura, and your weapon was unlike anything they’d ever seen, which was a custom-made yo-yo with God knows what you even put in that thing...

But the one thing that shocked everyone the most was your semblance. The ability of electrokinesis. Out of everyone that went to Signal, you were one of the most powerful students there, so you had some deep respect from Professor Xiao Long and Professor Branwen.

You had just completed your final year there, and you were gonna go home and celebrate with your parents. But when you got home…

...the front door was open. You walked inside and the entire house was in shambles. Your heart sank as you looked around for your parents, hoping they were okay. Then you turned a corner and your heart shattered at the horrifying sight…

...of your parents lying in puddles of their own blood. Their bodies were riddled with bullet holes, and even worse, your father was decapitated, his head lying right in front of your feet. You were sick to your stomach, you felt like throwing up, despite your best efforts to not actually do so. You packed your personal belongings, including a picture of your family, and you were ready to leave. Until Qrow, Taiyang, Ruby, and Yang ran to your house, only to find you on your knees. One look inside the house and the everyone practically had the same reaction.

After that horrible night, Qrow took you under his wing for the next year (when you turned 17), and you were still heartbroken. You swore that once you found out who was responsible for your parents’ demise, you’d send them straight to hell.


"(Y/n), are you okay?" Ruby asked as she snapped her fingers in your face, snapping you back into your senses.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just had a flashback..." You said, now wondering how Weiss was doing.

“Now, Ruby. It’s just that I’ve only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before.” Ozpin continued, turning back to Ruby. “A dusty old crow.”

Ruby tried to speak, but her face was stuffed with cookies before she swallowed them. “Sorry, that’s my Uncle Qrow! He’s a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me and (y/n) under his wing. And now we’re all like hooowaaah!” She exclaimed, doing some weird fighting moves.

Karate, or kung fu or…?

Ah, nevermind.

“So I’ve noticed. And what is an adorable little girl and a brave young boy such as yourselves doing at a school designed to train warriors?” He asked.

“Well...we want to be Huntresses and Huntsmen.” She answered.

“You want to slay monsters?”

“Yeah. I only have two more years of training left at Signal, and then I’m going to apply to Beacon! You see, my sister and (y/n) are both starting there this year, and they’re trying to become Huntsmen and Huntresses, and I’m trying to become a Huntress ‘cause I wanna help people. My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought ‘Hey, I might as well make a career out of it!’ I mean, the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and cool and really, gosh, you know!”

‘Quite an explanation. I kinda like it…’ You thought.

“What about you, (Y/n)?”

“’s my life, but there are a whole variety of different ways to make a change for the better. And it’s up to all Huntsmen and Huntresses to make that happen. I want to become one of those Huntsmen.”

“Good choice of you both know who I am?” Ozpin asked.

“You’re Professor Ozpin. You’re the headmaster at Beacon.” Ruby answered.

“You want to come to my school?”

“More than anything.”

The next day...

You were sitting at the window of the airship, staring out into the morning view of Vale as you took in everything that was happening. Your (e/c) eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity as you took a deep breath. You then saw a blonde boy leaning against a wall, who seemed to be feeling nauseous.

“Hey, I think you might need these.” You said as you walked over to him and tossed him a bottle of motion sickness pills. He declined the offer and kept a straight face as he tossed the bottle back to you.

“Well, I guess the view’s not for everyone…” Yang implied.

“You said it...eww, Yang, you have puke on your shoe! Get away from me!” Ruby shouted in disgust.

“Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!” You chuckled at the sight of this very entertaining scene as the airship finally docked at Beacon. You walked out, only to find that blonde boy from earlier getting to know the inside of a trash can, just as Yang and Ruby came up behind you. You leaned against the wall, waiting for him to finish.

“C’mon dude, I offered you some pills for that; can’t say I didn’t try to help you out.” You said. He only groaned in response as you turned to the sisters. “You two go on, I’ll catch up with you later.”

They nodded as the boy finally finished his business in the trash can. “Alright, time to show the ladies what I’ve got!”

“Really?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the fact that there was barely anyone else around.


“Hey, don't feel too bad, everyone just cleared out and are heading out to the amphitheater.” You said. “By the way, name’s (Y/n), pleasure to meet you.”

“Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it.” He said after finishing his business.

‘Heh, do they?’ You thought.

You and Jaune finally caught up with Ruby, who was getting chewed out by…

“No way…” You said to yourself. “Is that…?”

The girl that was scolding Ruby, it couldn’t be.

Your long lost friend, Weiss Schnee. Seeing her unforgettable icy blue eyes, your (e/c) eyes widened at the sight that it was really her. You slowly moved up to her until you were within earshot.

“Weiss?” You called out.

She turned around to face you and her eyes widened as she looked you over. A smile found its way onto both of your faces as you ran up to meet her, Weiss following suit as you both hugged each other, laughing the whole time.

“Oh my goodness, it IS you! What are you doing here?!”

“Starting out at Beacon, same as you! I told you I’d keep my promise!” You said happily as Weiss hugged you again. You then turned to Ruby. “Hey, Ruby!”

“Hey, (y/n)!”

“Wait, you know her?” Weiss asked.

“Yeah, she skipped two years at Signal because Ozpin himself actually allowed her to come here. Now, he does tend to make some...odd decisions every now and then, I’ll tell you that.”

You then noticed the empty Dust vial in Weiss’s hand. “Decided to play Schnee Dust Representative, now, didn’t you, Ruby?”

“I didn’t mean to, I swear! I’m sorry, I promise I’ll make this up to you, Weiss!”

“C’mon, it’s pretty clear she means it.”

“Alright, but I promise you, I’ll hold you to it.”

“Hey (y/n)!” You all turned to see Jaune running up to you.

“And that would be Jaune. Nice guy.”

The four of you talked for a few more minutes before Jaune and Ruby went for a walk, while you and Weiss did the same. You both had a lot of catching up to do…
RWBY X OP! Reader V1 Pt. 1

(Phew, alright, just calm down...)
(Y/n) (L/n) had a pretty messed up life. He was seen as a killer, a murderer, a terrorist. He was also responsible for derailing some of the White Fang's operations, although no one ever saw it that way.

But why?

Well, as of now, he is currently on the run from the VPD, after having killed a large group of humans who were mistreating a small group of Faunus.

Third Person POV

Five minutes earlier…

You were out in Vale, doing your daily run. By “daily run”, you were jumping across buildings and traversing your way across Vale using the quickest and most efficient routes you could find on the go.

You then stopped at the sound of some somewhat unpleasant commotion. You ran over to the source of the commotion, and there was a group of about five people, yelling at a small group of three young Faunuses. Your fists clenched at the sight of this as you approached them. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at you.

“HEY! What’s going on here?” You said as you walked up to them.

“These Faunus are up to no good! Trying to play innocent, even though they tripped my kids with their tails on purpose!” One of the humans said.

“We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to!” The fox Faunus said. The Faunus kids seemed to be no more than twelve, and you knew just how much they didn’t deserve this.

“Yeah, tell that to his kids, you freaks!” Another human said.

You walked over and delivered a rather powerful punch to his face, leaving a severe fracture. “Who are you calling freaks?”

"Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?! Why are you standing up for these freaks?!"



"Wrong answer, bitch..."

Your eyes gave off a crimson glint as you motioned for the fox Faunuses to run away. As soon as they were out of sight, you immediately activated your semblance as you zipped through the group of humans multiple times from different directions before stopping at where you started, with your back turned to them. Your eyes were closed and you were twirling one of your karambits around your right index finger.

Everything was silent. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of you twirling your karambit, and a Corgi barking in the background. Then, at the same time, you opened your eyes, giving off your crimson glint and grabbing hold of your karambit handle as blood suddenly bursted out of the four humans’ necks and chests, as they dropped to the ground and died in seconds.

‘Too easy…’ You thought.

VPD then arrived on scene and froze upon seeing you and the dead bodies behind you. They immediately pulled out their guns and opened fire, but your hypersonic reflexes acted otherwise as you jumped on top of a nearby building. The VPD gave chase as you kept on running, your speed already kicking in. A smile graced your lips when the VPD were already falling behind, and within a minute, you managed to outrun them.

Unfortunately, you didn’t expect to be suddenly surrounded by a group of four girls who appeared to be huntresses-in-training.

A girl in all white immediately summoned several glyphs around you. She charged at you with incredible speed...speed that you could easily outmatch. You quickly turned around and jumped up into the air, avoiding the girl who already committed too much into the attack as you delivered a flying kick to the back of her head, immediately knocking her unconscious.

A girl with blonde hair was next as she came at you with some punches and shotgun blasts from her gauntlets, which you dodged with ease. You found your opening and grabbed her shoulders as you proceeded to knee her in the stomach twice, then performed an air runner and disappeared as you reappeared behind her and delivered a flying kick to her back.

She threw more punches and projectiles at you, but though she was more powerful, she lacked speed and agility, so you were able to use your speed and become a blur in her eyes as you dodged her attacks like dodging your father’s practice punches back at your old village.

“GET BACK HERE!” She yelled. You could only chuckle in response as you saw her eyes turn red and her hair start to glow.

The blonde charged at you again, ready to attack. You then zipped up to her in a flash and delivered a dashing aura punch, sending her flying into a faraway building like a rolling plane with a damaged engine. When she collided with the building, it created a massive crater on the side before its entirety collapsed a few seconds later.

Next up was a girl with a red hood and cape, who charged at you with her scythe. She quickly switched her weapon to its gun form, thinking she could catch you off guard. You were prepared however, as you dodged her shots and ran circles around her, making her unable to get even at least a second of aim at you. You then rushed her and knocked her weapon out of her hand as you stomped the ground hard enough to send her into the air as you jumped and delivered a downwards mid-air axe kick, sending her back down onto the ground for added impact. At the same time, you used that axe kick to send yourself higher into the air as you dived back down into the girl with your shoulder out, causing a loud boom and bringing her aura down to critical level.

Finally, you were facing a girl with amber eyes and a black bow. You took out your karambits, showing her that you were ready as you twirled them around your index fingers. You and the amber-eyed girl both clashed with your weapons as she switched her weapon to its kusarigama form and threw it at you, which you easily dodged. You already knew her intentions, so when she pulled back her arm for her weapon to hit you from behind, she didn’t expect you to grab her weapon and pull the ribbon, pulling her towards you in the process. She then used her semblance to try and get some surprise attacks on you, but your reflexes were damn near impossible to outmaneuver. You spotted an opening and kicked her in the stomach, sending her back several feet.

“So predictable.” You said.

Your semblance started to kick in as your hair started to glow white immensely, along with your skin turning black, complete with white glowing tattoos appearing on your face. You then appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye.

"...Why hide who you are?" You said, pointing to her bow. Her amber eyes widened in shock!

"W-what are you saying?"

"If you keep this up and people keep seeing you as a human, it'll end up as nothing but a lie once they find out what lies under that bow of yours..." You said before disappearing and running back to your apartment.

When you arrived back at said apartment, through the apartment window, you saw your friend drinking Mtn. Dew and playing COD on his laptop as he turned around to see you.

His name was Carson Bohrillias. He was your best and only friend for two years after he bailed you out of a nasty situation. He wore a white t-shirt with a logo on the front, a light blue zip hoodie, and a slim leather jacket. He also had white hair, gray eyes, and a dragon tattoo leading from the right side of his neck, all the way down to his right forearm.

His weapon was his semblance of video and pixel manipulation, as he can not only shoot pixels out of his finger tips, but he can also summon any weapon from any form of media and use it in battle. His immense amount of aura also makes up for the lack of an actual weapon, as he can also refill by draining any video source.

“Had fun out there, (Y/n)?”

“Not sure whether or not I would call all of that fun...”

“Did you kill someone again?” He asked.

He asked this with a corner of his lip curling into a smile. You smiled back, since Carson had killed some people in his day as well, and you both were ok with killing; you just never did it often or on purpose.

“Yeah, well, five people actually. I saw them harassing three little fox Faunuses and I had to show them the error of their ways. Not only that, I ran into some huntresses-in-training.

“Oh my Oum, please tell me you didn’t kill them as well.”

“Nope. Just the five normal people.” You responded.

“Well, at least you had a good reason to kill those people. You hungry? There’s leftover pizza on the table.”

“Ugh, I’d rather use the word “famished”.”

He chuckled as you grabbed a slice and crashed on your bed. You grabbed the remote and turned on the TV as the news channel began to speak about the recent incidents that you’d recently caused. Your encounter with five racist humans, and your battle with the huntresses-in-training known as Team RWBY.

“Damn dude, you’re all over the news. You’re famous!” He chuckled.

“Yep...totally famous.” You muttered as you took a bite.


You were currently in progress of another White Fang operation derailment at the docks. Roman Torchwick was there, so you figured you’d have some fun with this one. You ran across a crane as fast as you could without making any noise. You jumped down, only making a small thump upon impact, as stealth had been one of your specialties for many years. You snuck into a warehouse, where a White Fang member stood nearby. You waited until no one else was around, then you quickly wrapped your arm around his neck and squeezed until he became unconscious from the lack of oxygen. You dragged him into an empty crate and closed it quietly before moving on.

You hid behind a crate, and listened in on a conversation between two more members…

“You think that red-eyed kid's gonna return?”

“Beats me. I just hope Roman’s got something planned out…”

“God, these guys are retarded...” Carson said over your earpiece.

‘No shit, Sherlock…’ You thought

“I figure he won’t stand a chance, he’s obviously outnumbered.” One of the two White Fang said.

“But you’re all outmatched…”

“Hmph...yeah, I guess you’re ri-” Before they could even react to the random voice, let alone turn around, you sliced their necks with your karambits. You stood above them, smirking.

You then proceeded to carry on with the rest of your mission. About ten minutes later, the White Fang’s attempts to steal several Schnee Dust crates had all gone out the window as you looked around. Remains of destroyed bullheads, downed White Fang Members (some dead, some just unconscious), and Roman Torchwick himself. You were both standing only a small distance away from each other, as if a showdown was about to occur.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment, Torchwick.”

“I could say the same thing about you.” He responded as he pointed his cane at you, the reticle popping up as he fired a flare at you, which you quickly sidestepped to avoid as the flare exploded behind you.

Before Roman could make his next shot, you were already on him. You elbowed him in the gut, delivered an axe-kick to his head, then punched him directly in the face. He didn’t have any time to recover as you delivered a powerful kick to his back, shattering a part of his spine. You zoomed around him again, slashing him with your karambit several times before giving Roman an uppercut stab, sending him a couple feet in the air, before you topped it off with a roundhouse high kick to his jaw.

“CRK!” You could hear the sound of his jaw breaking upon impact.

Talk about a jawbreaker. He fell to the ground, his body gone totally limp as a little girl who was entirely neapolitan-themed, ran into the scene and grabbed him just as you charged at them. They shattered upon your punch as you found it to be an illusion. Dead or alive, you didn’t care. At least you took care of the job…

“Quite impressive young man.” You turned around to see a man with white hair, glasses, and a cup of hot cocoa in his hand.

“And who are you supposed to be?”

“I am Professor Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy. I observed your short battle between you and Roman Torchwick, and I must say, your skills are certainly beyond my expectations.”

“Okay...? That doesn't mean I'm one of your students, though..."

“Well, I think we can take care of that.”

“How so?” You asked in a suspicious tone as you secretly gripped the handle of one of your karambits.

“I would like you to attend Beacon Academy.” As soon as you heard this, your grip on your karambit loosened.

“Why? Despite that I stopped the White Fang from smuggling shipments of Dust, I also did some other things that prove otherwise that I’m not exactly a good person. Like how I almost gave Team RWBY a one-way ticket to hell…”

“I find that very surprising; Team RWBY almost never loses any battles, not even a 4-on-1.”

“Well, then I must’ve given them quite the humiliation.” You said, crossing your arms.

“I’ll let this slide for now, since you have also been causing quite a blow to the White Fang. Besides, like I said earlier, you tend to exceed the skill set of a huntsman, so I’m giving you this one chance to start with a clean slate. I’ll deal with the authorities and make sure they will let this slide as well. Does that sound fair to you?”

“Sigh...I guess I’ll accept. Just as long as the classes aren’t too hard, I could definitely use something else to kill some time.”

“I assure you, they aren’t that difficult at all. What is your name?”

“(Y/n) (L/n). One more thing I need to ask, can I bring a friend?”

“I don’t know, can you?” He chuckled.

‘Wow, great sense of humor for a headmaster…’ You thought as you ran back to your apartment in just a small matter of minutes to pick up your stuff.

“Yo, Carson, pack your things, we’re leaving NOW.” You said, shoving your personal belongings into your backpack.

“Why? Where are we going?”

“Beacon Academy. Ozpin is offering us a chance to apply for Beacon.”
RWBY X OP! Reader V2 Pt. 1
Jeez, this took me a while…

RWBY X OP! Reader V3 Pt. 1

(y/n)= the reader/you, or rather your first name
(l/n)= your last name
(f/c)=favorite color
(e/c)=eye color

Ok, so, to start this off, battle-wise, you are basically a human version of a combination of Sans and W.D. Gaster from Undertale (Hell, even your nickname is simply Gaster). You have his seven floating skeleton hands, each one having their own different power. Your semblance is Gaster’s Glitchtale special attack called Duality, but with a fully doubled power boost instead. You can also summon Gaster Blasters, summon bones, and teleport like Sans. However, the black holes in your palms, the lines on your face, and the red and blue eyes will only appear if your powers are activated. Otherwise, your eyes are (e/c) and your face and hands look completely normal and human.

You are 15-19 years old. You wear a dark gray turtleneck, black trench coat, black/grey camo cargo pants and black high tops.

Oh, and one more thing: You can also make those funky sounds that W.D. Gaster makes to speak in Wingdings. Every sentence you speak in Wingdings will show up as text, floating just above your head.

Alright, I think that’s enough for the reader to know about themselves, onto the story. Enjoy!


Gaster. The only name society knows you by. Aside from the fact that you are one hell of a fighter, you’ve never gone to any combat schools whatsoever, even though you somehow know everything about the Grimm. Your version of reality extends far beyond anyone else’s…


You were walking through Emerald Forest, taking a stroll and breathing in the fresh air, whilst humming a little tune to yourself. You could hear birds chirping and you could see flowers blooming. It’s a beautiful day outside. And quite a peaceful relaxing one to say the least…


...well, it was, until you heard a roar from a distance. You ran to the source of the roar, and as you got closer, you could hear other noises that sounded like weapons clashing. You hid in the bushes as you peeked through a hole in one of them. What you saw were a group of four girls battling a group of four Ursa Majors, and unfortunately losing. Soon, their auras were depleted, and worse, their weapons were broken and they were about to be dealt one final blow from the Ursas.

Just then, you sprinted out of the bushes, leapt into the air over the girls, and activated your Duality semblance in midair, raining down a storm of yellow projectiles on the Ursas, killing two of them and knocking the other two back. The girls stared in awe as you landed in front of them. You then turned to the Ursas and spoke…

“It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...on days like these, creatures like you…” Your eyes suddenly changed color, one red, the other blue.

“...should be BURNING IN HELL.” You summoned an enormous Gaster Blaster as it blasted the Ursas, eviscerating them. You then withdrew the Gaster Blaster and deactivated your semblance as the two giant hands converted back into the original seven hands and your eyes reverted back to (f/c). You withdrew your Gaster hands too, as you walked over to the girls who were still quite dumbfounded.

“Are you girls ok?” You asked.

“Umm, yeah! We're fine, but really, we could handle them!”, said the girl with the red cape.

“Sure you could. Even with your broken weapons?”, you said, raising an eyebrow and pointing at her broken scythe, which she quickly hid behind her back. “Can I see it for a second, please?” You held out your hand as the silver eyed girl slowly handed you her weapon, which was broken in half by the handle. You aligned the broken pieces of her scythe with magic and pressed them together as your body glowed a (f/c) aura. Within the next moment, you fixed her scythe and handed it back to her, leaving her totally slack jawed as the rest of the girls gave you their weapons for you to fix, which was quite an easy task. As you were about to leave however, one of the other girls with blond hair grabbed your arm as you turned around.

“Wait! What’s your name?”, she asked.

“Most people only know me by the name, Gaster, but you can call me (Y/n) (L/n). And you are…?”

“Yang. And this is Weiss, Blake, and Ruby. Nice to meet you, (y/n)!”

“Likewise. Now do yourself a favor and please, be more careful…” You said.

“Wait, how about you come with us to Beacon? You’ll be perfect!” Weiss said.

“I'll think about it. But for now, I need some time to myself. I'll see you girls later!” You shouted as you walked further away from Team RWBY.

Later, at Beacon…

“I'm telling you, that guy was awesome! Just came out of nowhere and killed those Ursa Majors just like that, with those giant floating hands of his!” Now Ruby was almost fangirling as well.

“Really? Tell me, what is his name?”, asked Professor Ozpin.

“(Y/n) (L/n). He wears a black trench coat and black and grey cargo pants. We want to apply him for Beacon!” Ruby exclaimed.

“We’ll see.” Ozpin chuckled. “But first things first, we'll have to put him through initiation. If this (y/n) is really as powerful as you say, then I'll accept. But you'll have to find him and bring him here, first…” Ozpin explained.

The next day...

You were now strolling through the streets of Vale, after having recently stopped the dust robbery of someone named Roman Torchwick. He certainly didn't expect seven floating hands to appear out of nowhere to defeat and subdue him and his White Fang members within less than a minute. They were soon arrested by the cops and they owed you a huge thanks.

“Hey, (y/n)!”

“Oh, hey! What’s up?” You said as team RWBY ran up to you.

“You need to come with us! Someone wants to meet you in person!” Ruby said, filled with excitement.

“Ok, then. We going to Beacon?” You asked.


“Alright, then…” You snapped your fingers and teleported team RWBY and yourself all the way to Beacon. When you all got there, team RWBY suddenly had the same faces from before. Just staring at you in awe as you looked around the courtyard of Beacon.

“Like the shortcut I came up with? C’mon, are you gonna take me to this important person or what?” You chuckled as you smiled at them. You and team RWBY then continued your trip to go meet this important person.

“So, (y/n)...”


“Was that your semblance that you were using yesterday?” Yang asked.

“Yeah. It’s called Duality, which allows me to merge my seven Gaster hands…” You activate your semblance just for display. “...into two giant ones, giving me a fully doubled power boost.” You explained as you deactivated your semblance.

“That is so cool…” Yang said. “You must be extremely powerful…what combat school did you go to?”

“Well, that’s where this all gets kinda confusing...I never went to any combat schools.” Their jaws dropped at your response. “I know, it’s a lot to take in, coming from me, but hey, getting me into Beacon was your idea!” You said, shrugging.

“Then how do you fight so well? Is there something you’re not telling us?” Weiss asked, her blue eyes narrowing into your (e/c) eyes.

“Well, let’s just say…” You then started making weird noises as you spoke in Wingdings, the said text appearing above your head. “...💣✡ ☹✋☞☜ ☜✠❄☜☠👎💧 ☞✌☼ 👌☜✡⚐☠👎 ❄☟☜ ☹✋💣✋❄✌❄✋⚐☠💧 ⚐☞ ☼☜✌☹✋❄✡.”

“What? Sorry, I don’t speak in a funky language like that…” Weiss said, confused.

“My life extends far beyond the limitations of reality.” You said, translating what you just said.

“What does that mean?”

“I can basically do things you never could’ve imagined. That’s the basic meaning of that in a nutshell.” You implied. “There’s more to it than what meets the eye…”

“Like those weird noises you were making and the text floating above your head?” Yang asked.

“Yeah. That’s one of many things I can do, so I may or may not have a bunch of surprises up my sleeve…”
RWBY X OP! Reader V3 Pt. 1
Screw it, I'll decide the pairs myself...


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